Marine Insurance

When it comes to protecting your favorite investment, Wealth and Insurance Solutions, LLC has many options from which you can choose. If you own any type of boat or yacht in San Diego, marine insurance is a must.

You can take your boat out for a day of waterskiing, fishing, or just sailing, and continue to make memories with your family and loved ones without needless worry.

We help boat owners all over San Diego find the right type of marine insurance. Boat insurance, after all, is rarely a one-size-fits-all proposition.

Different owners have different needs, and we have the necessary experience and knowledge to help you determine what type, and how much, insurance you need.

Not having enough insurance might leave you high and dry once it comes to making a claim, but having too much coverage means less money in your ocket.

We work with you, find out your needs, and sgive you options that ensure you and your loved ones are protected, without breaking the bank.

At Wealth and Insurance Solutions LLC, we aren't just knowledgeable about insurance, but we have a passion for all things recreational which includes boating. We partner with companies and organizations in the marine industry, so we are always up- to-date on the news, trends, and other issues. We know the latest news about industry events and the big names in boating, from marine manufacturers to boat and yacht dealerships to marine repairers. This, combined with our years of experience in the insurance business can give you unique insight into the best marine insurance options for your needs. Whether you're looking for hull, P&I and general recreational marine insurance, we can help you – call us today!