Financial Aid

Planning for the future isn't just about your retirement goals, but also those of your loved ones. College tuition is already expensive for students today, and, according to experts, they will continue to increase each year. That is why you have to start planning for college for your child as soon as possible.

However, determining college financial aid is always tricky and eligibility and rules can change every year. Also, some parents may not realize that their children can qualify for college funding or some may not be maximizing the amount their child can receive. College financial aid eligibility rules and regulations can be tricky to decipher, and your child may be missing out on many opportunities.

Wealth and Insurance Solutions, LLC works with one of the largest college planning companies to help you maximize your eligibility for educational financial aid. We can help you analyze your situation and find ways to of ensuring your child gets the most university financial aid he or she qualifies for.

Aside from these services, we can also help you navigate through the tricky paperwork and red tape when applying for college financial aid. We can assist you in preparing the necessary documents and going through the different steps to apply for financial aid. We can review your applications and even negotiate with institutions on your behalf to ensure you get the most beneficial college financial aid package.

Let us help you save thousands of dollars in tuition and other college costs. Contact us today and find out more.