Auto Insurance

Wealth and Insurance Solutions, LLC offers some of the most competitive insurance rates anywhere in San Diego County or Southern California. For those searching for the best home and auto insurance in terms of price and coverage, then look no further. We can offer combined auto and home insurance quotes, as well as separate policies.

Cars and homes are two major assets that require insurance. When searching for auto and home insurance quotes, you should consider not only the price, but also coverage. You want home and auto insurance that can cover accidents and events that could happen to you.

A comprehensive auto insurance plan can help you recover from potential repair or replacement costs for your vehicle, but also protect you from the risks of legal action and lawsuits that result from injury or damage to other people and their property.

Auto insurance quotes and prices vary based on a number of factors. If you have multiple cars and a clean driving record, we can offer you premiere rates from various national carriers and provide broad coverage. If you do have minor violations, then we can also offer reasonable standard rates from the same national carriers. However, that doesn’t mean that high-risk drivers won’t be able to get coverage. For high-risk individuals, such as those with previous violations or teen drivers, we can also help you find some good options. We also have insurance that offers non-owned auto coverage. International driver’s license holders can find valued coverage, too!